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Tourism market segmentation: selected aspects

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Tourism market segmentation: selected aspects, T. Skalska (ed.), Warszawa 2022, str. 134

ISBN 978-83-64614-67-5
ISBN 978-83-63469-32-0

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Market segmentation is a major exercise undertaken by both tourism businesses and institutions responsible for regional tourism development, simultaneously implying a marketing revolution and a shift from mass marketing towards target or even personalised marketing. Obtaining knowledge of the needs and expectations of consumers of tourism services and then dividing the market into segments is of key significance for designing suitable marketing strategies and selecting appropriate tools. It is worth remembering
that tourists’ preferences and behaviour evolve incessantly, followed by changes in ways of attracting their interest in tourism products and services; therefore, it becomes more important than ever to act and operate based on a full and updated picture of target consumers’ needs.

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