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Risks for Development in European ang Global Economy

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Risks for Development in European ang Global Economy,   Scientific Editor Juliusz Kotyński, Warszawa 2014, ss. 198

ISBN 978-83-87444-99-0

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The book deals with some aspects of the risk for development in the European and global economy, basing upon the current international literature and making use of the ISO (2009) general definition of risk, understood as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives”.

One of the consequences of demographic changes will be a lost by Europe of its dominant position in the global economy in favour of the emerging economies. Europe (EU28) will have a very small number of people at working age, unable to pay the cost of medical insurance for themselves and their "grandfathers and grandmothers".

The authors are aware that the issues of the risk for development considered in the book cover a few selected aspects of this important question only. The studies on the general and specific issues of this problem, regarding notably the European Union, including Poland, and other neighbouring emerging economies, within the changing global environment, are planned to be further monitored and to remain on the research agenda of the Faculty of Business and International Relations, and to be debated at future international conferences and seminars organized also in the Vistula University.

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