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Searching for the Scientific Identity of Tourism Research

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Searching for the Scientific Identity of Tourism Research, Scientific Editor Leszek Butowski, Warsaw 2014, ss. 158

ISBN 978-83-63469-07-8

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In June 2014 an international symposium In the search for the scientific identity of tourism studies: theoretical and methodological aspects of tourism research was organised by Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The general objective of the symposium was an exchange and integration of theoretical and methodological views and perspectives on tourism studies in the search of the discipline’s own scientific identity. The symposium comprised – presentations by invited international speakers who explained the place tourism studies occupy in the academic systems of selected countries; – a summary of methodological achievements in tourism studies from the perspective of selected sciences; – panel discussion whose members analysed the possibility of integrating various traditions and methodological approaches in tourism studies; – open discussion set within the general theme of the symposium. This monograph includes a chosen set of ideas and views presented during the symposium. (...)


                                                               from Introduction by Leszek Butowski



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