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Personnel Innovation in Organizations Issues for Managers

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Personnel Innovation in Organizations Issues for Managers, Elżbieta Jędrych, Warszawa 2015, ss. 186

ISBN 978-83-64614-08-8

Cena brutto: 52,50

Previous research and experience indicate improving the level of human resources management in the Polish companies is an important condition both for the growth of innovation and also the employees’ engagement in the achievement of a company’s goals. The changeability of the business environment and changes within all organizations give the personnel function a qualitatively new meaning and previous ideas, rules and procedures connected with the implementation of this function are no longer valid and must be changed.

The introduction of changes in the field of the personnel function can bring real benefits to companies because it increases their profits and competitiveness and research globally indicate positive relationships between effectiveness in the field of HRM, productivity and the market value of a company. Despite this evidence, the level of HRM in the majority of companies (especially those with Polish capital) is still relatively low and these companies do not take into consideration the challenges associated with functioning in strong, global competition.

The book concludes with recommendations for further research in this area.

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