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Knowledge Management in School Environment

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Knowledge Management in School Environment, Jan Fazlagić, Arif Erkol, Saarbrücken, Niemcy 2015, ss. 272

ISBN 978-3-659-80413-7 (LAP); ISBN 978-83-64614-20-0 (AFiBV)

Monografia jest do kupienia za pośrednictwem strony Wydawnictwa Lambert Academic Publishing:


Many countries from around the world such as Poland, Turkey, and Indonesia are determined to increase living standards and see education as a powerful means to achieve this goal. The system of education and its quality determines social and economic development of a state. Knowledge is nowadays recognized as the only strategic resource that can lead to success of a civilization.

The main purpose of this book is to offer scholars and practitioners of education an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of knowledge in school management. Book explains the main concepts and issues of school management from knowledge management perspective. Knowledge Management is considered a new perspective rather than an absolutely new or revolutionary concept. It contains both descriptive (description of the reality) and prescriptive (how to proceed?) knowledge.


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