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Enterprise Valuation and Value Based Management in Conditions of Instability

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Enterprise Valuation and Value Based Management in Conditions of Instability, Mirosław Bojańczyk, Warszawa 2016, ss. 172

ISBN 978-83-64614-23-1

Cena brutto: 52,50

Recent years have been a period of instability and growing uncertainty, i.e. the growing importance of what is unpredictable and immeasurable. This has a huge impact on, among others, the financial situation of countries, companies and citizens. Proponents of quantitative methods in economics equate instability and insecurity to volatility, which is for them a key determinant of risk. This risk is usually measured using variance, covariance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, or the beta factor. Lower levels of these measures mean lower volatility and lower risk.

The development of the capital market has meant, that a manager, when making decisions, must try to predict their impact on future profits of the enterprise, and especially determine whether these decisions will result in increasing companie’s value. The management of each company must continually ask themselves the question, whether their management actions multiply the value of the company. Therefore there are many important factors that, it’s worth to look at the different models of business valuation and problems associated with in these issues. We write about in this book.


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