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Knowledge Workers Aged 65+. Employees' and Employers' Perspective

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Knowledge Workers Aged 65+. Employees' and Employers' Perspective, Benefits and Threats, Attitudes and Good Practices in Employment Thereof, Grażyna Bartkowiak (Ed.), Saarbrücken, Niemcy 2016, ss. 276

ISBN 978-3-659-86826-8

Monografia jest do kupienia za pośrednictwem strony Wydawnictwa Lambert Academic Publishing:


Mature knowledge workers have definite vision of their career, often a further involvement in the work, which in the reality of their age, may acquire diversified forms, both in terms of form of work (e.g. work time) and its substantial content (e.g. work as a coach, person preparing young employees for job). Uncontroversial is the fact that they want to realise this vision in professional practice.

The monograph consists of two parts: theoretical and empirical. The first of them is devoted to hiring employees aged 65+ in the perspective of the worker and organisation. The second part of the study presents the research methodology and the research findings achieved in effect of implementation thereof.

In result of the carried out research, we managed to confirm the overwhelming majority of the formulated hypotheses and to interpret them.

In conclusion, the members of the research team involved in implementation of the project sponsored by the National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki, NCN, in the Polish language) want to sincerely thank the subjects for their participation and kindness towards our research, without whose commitment this publication could not been effected.

                                                                         – From the Preface

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