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Let Convention Bureaus Flourish. Ensure Positive Interpersonal Relations

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Let Convention Bureaus Flourish. Ensure Positive Interpersonal Relations, Krzysztof Celuch, Warszawa 2019, ss. 192

ISBN 978-83-64614-42-2

ISBN 978-83-63469-25-2

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„It was exactly like that: the clash of peace and a whole mass of strong sensations” – these are the interpersonal relations which make us eager to get up, live, work, think or dream. They are the very reason for which a meeting, even after many years, may turn out to be a life breakthrough or cause a sudden change of decision. It is an art to be at the wheel and skilfully share our opinions, yet the key aspect is to maintain the relations in a manner which makes them lasting, strong and, most importantly, timeless.


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