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Influence of instability in the global economy on finance and business accounting

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Influence of instability in the global economy on finance and business accounting, M. Bojańczyk (red.), Warszawa 2019, str. 244

ISBN 978-83-64614-53-8

Cena brutto: 52,50


Recent years are marked by instability and growing uncertainty, in other words by growth of significance of unforeseeable and unmeasurable features. It considerably influences i.e. financial position of countries, companies and citizens. Unstable means not only volatile, but also unforeseeable, threatening and dangerous. This instability – which in my opinion shall persist for long – is a consequence of cumulated threats (imbalances) in many key areas of social and economic environment. They include threats occurring in:

  • financial area,
  • commodities and energy area,
  • environmental area,
  • food supply area,
  • demographic and social area,
  • others.

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