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Optimal Labor Income Taxation in Poland

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Optimal Labor Income Taxation in Poland, Maciej Dudek, Paweł Dudek, Konrad Walczyk, Warszawa 2021, str. 196

ISBN 978-83-64614-60-6

Cena brutto : 52,50


(...) The problem of optimal labor taxation belongs to the class of most relevant, important and intuitive problems in theoretical and applied economics. The problem despite its intuitive appeal had remained untouched for decades and only fifty years ago Mirrlees was able to cast the problem using modern economic tools. Unfortunately, the approach taken by Mirrlees did not lend itself to applied considerations and produced little practical insights for nearly three decades. Only around the turn of the last century Saez was able to reformulate the problem of Mirrlees and express the first order conditions describing the optimal tax schedules in terms of observable or estimable parameters. The work of Saez led to practical results and allowed for pinning down the optimal marginal tax rates in the case of the USA. In this monograph we describe the results obtained as part of a research project that adopted the approach of Mirrlees and Saez to determine the form of the optimal tax function in Poland. In the technical sense the project is comprised of three distinct spheres: theoretical, computational, and applied and delivers a number of novel results that are relevant from applied, theoretical, and policy perspectives. (...)


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